ILF 2020 Abstract submission now open

ILF 2020 Conference – Abstract submission open now

We welcome submissions related to the following topics:

Compression across lymphoedema and wound care
Self-management (Self-efficacy)
Genital oedema
Children with lymphoedema
Outcome measures for lymphoedema (leg, arm, midline, genital, breast, head and neck)
Cancer related lymphoedema
Prevention of pressure ulcers
Venous leg ulcers: state of the art
Diabetic foot and lymphoedema
LIMPRINT driving global improvement in care delivery
International education
Patient collaboration and support
Basic science and biology
Complex chronic oedema case studies including chronic wounds
Imaging and diagnostics including assessment strategies
National frameworks and other community organisation initiatives
Psycho-social factors and qualitative research.

Conditions and guidelines for submissions are available here.