Message from the President

Dear Lymphedema Association Members and visitors,

Lymphedema has become a commonly seen disease in both primary and secondary forms which occur with other diseases due to the developments in diagnosis, treatment and technology. However, healthcare workers and society’s knowledge and awareness has not been sufficient. The patients do not know which centres to apply or the doctors who encounter those patients cannot decide the specialist they should guide. Early diagnosis and treatment of Lymphedema is essential and the patients must be treated by the specialists.

Anatolia Lymphedema Association aims to conduct multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary scientific researches, to meet the expectations and hopes of the patients by guiding them during the diagnosis and treatment process and to increase the awareness about Lymphedema with its doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, technicians and patients who work hard. We invite you all to our association which was established in 2014. Our primary aim is to cooperate with patients on Lymphedema, to provide education and awareness and to make a difference in the scientific area.

We wish to improve our website through our members’ and your support. We will be happy to hear your opinions, requests and recommendations anytime. I hope our new association wil be beneficial, productive and successful for us, our patients and our country. Thanks for your support and contribution in advance.

Sincerely yours,
Prof. Dr. Pınar Borman